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Honest-lawyer - Irish Pub - Paris

The Honest Lawyer pub story begins ago of 30 years when it said the Irish Havana Café to turn it into pub. However, the Irish boss failed to find a name for his taste for his pub. He organized one day a memorable evening on behalf of one of his lawyer friends, with whom he sympathized for a while. He knew that this customer was celebrating her farewell, and as thanks, he received a memorable slate from her. In order not to forget that lesson, he decided to name his pub, with some irony, "The Honest Lawyer."

Today, the Honest Lawyer has to accommodate you a total of 84 seats, including 62 inside, but also four televisions through which football matches, rugby, tennis and so on have become our daily . Depending on the time, always friendly atmosphere at the Honest Lawyer varies from quiet to lively.

In the bar, you will find in any pub as respectable a careful selection of beers / bottle blondes, white, brown and red from France, Belgium and England, alcoholic cocktails or not, and excellent cafes Black Pearl. To quench any kind of thirst.

You will be surprised by our burgers houses that will delight carnivores, but our vegetarian friends have not been forgotten! All 100% made from fresh products at a very affordable price, especially for lunch or we will offer you each weekday a different day of the dish.

Finally convince you, we offer a HAPPY HOUR Monday to Saturday from 17:30 to 20 hours, and for all your event, it is also possible to stream music and pictures via USB key on our televisions.

See you soon,
The team of Honest

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

06:30 - 01:00


09:00 - 01:00